Oregon's State Fruit

The Pear

Published Fall, 2006
Edible Portland

I’ve lived in Oregon for 12 years, and I just learned that the pear is our state fruit. Actually, I didn’t know states had fruits; I’d have guessed it was the marionberry. It makes sense, though; pears are Oregon’s #1 fruit crop and we rank #3 in the nation’s total production. Washington leads the nation in pear production, providing close to 46% of the total. Together, the states grow 84% of the nation’s pears.

So why are pears upstaged by apples? Do they get short shrift because the apple enjoys all-American status and long-standing popularity—in pies and lunchboxes, for target practice and kissing up to the teacher—or because the two fruits ripen and hit the market at the same time? [more]