I am a Portland, Oregon-based freelance writer, with roots in food and words. After taking my liberal arts degree in English for a 6-year test drive in New York (in the world of commercial book publishing), I left the city for cooking school in Vermont. As a graduate of New England Culinary Institute, I relocated to Portland, Oregon and went on to spend 12 years as a pastry chef in some of the best kitchens in the city. When my feet got tired and my back began to ache, I turned in my rolling pin for a different sort of career in food.

I've carved a niche for myself writing about food and drink, because eating and imbibing are enjoyable ways to pass time and are topics about which I think I'm well-qualified to speak! I am continually inspired and informed by my experiences, past and present, in the local food scene. In addition to an intimate understanding of regional food products, growers, suppliers and organizations dedicated to the celebration of all things food, I am passionate about the importance of cooking and eating seasonally, of embracing sustainability and protecting local and global biodiversity. As a longtime member of Chefs Collaborative and Slow Food,  and a Portland Farmers Market board member, I hope to share my zeal and make a difference.

Email me at ellen@foodprintstyle.com